Avocado-Basil Dressing, Dip or Spread

What to do with an Avocado?

This is one of my favorite seasons to visit the grocery store. There are so many fresh fruits and vegetables in season and vying for attention.  Yesterday I noticed fresh corn, beautiful tomatoes (see our prior posts with yummy tomato recipes) summer squash and glorious avocados.

[simage=535,288,n,left] Since my family is turning green due to the multiple batches of guacamole and corn, avocado and black bean salsa we’ve eaten this summer. It was time to expand our repertoire.  Thankfully, I saved the July 22, 2009 issue of the New York Times, The Minimalist: 101 Simple Salads of the Season and had circled the avocado-basil dressing recipe.

Once again, Mark Bittman has created a taste sensation using only a handful of ingredients. I followed his recipe - Avocado-Basil Dressing and created a new family favorite. This delicious dressing can easily be used as a dip, sandwich spread and more.

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Photo Credit: AVOCADO © Courtesy of California Avocado Commission

Do you have a favorite avocado recipe? If so, please leave a comment below. Enjoy, share and join us in kitchen often – there is always something new.

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