Reusable Centerpieces for Spring

Live Plant Centerpieces

Now that spring is here do not purchase flowers for your table or centerpiece, instead consider what plants you want to add to your garden (flowers and herbs – in small pots). Purchase some plants for your garden and use them first as a centerpiece for the spring holidays (Passover, Easter, ect). After your festive gathering, plant your “centerpiece” in the garden to enjoy in the days to come.

This year, I purchased chives, parsley, and mint along with coleus ‘dipt in wine’ and dainty  yellow zinnia for my table/garden.

[simage=922,288,n,left] [simage=923,288,n,right]

[simage=924,288,n,left] [simage=925,288,n,right]

Best for the holiday season.

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